Monthly mentorship Workshops focusing on culture, history and leadership culminating in a cultural immersion experience.
  • Teamwork skills
  • Character building
  • Public speaking
  • Geographical economic and social issues impacting Latinx community
Nexus Latinx Empanada Series

The goal is to advance education on the history, culture and current issues facing the Latinx people through a digital content series entitled the “Nexus Latinx History Empanada.”

An empanada is a Latinx appetizer that opens the appetite but they are filled with many different delicious flavors and each Latinx culture has their own version of an empanada. Our empanadas are short animated videos on Latinx history to open up the historical appetite. They will discuss Latinx leaders, historical events and current issues that affect today’s Latinx diaspora in a short digestible but flavorful format.

Check out our first episode on Arturo Alfonso Schomburg.


Designed to foster stronger connections between the diaspora community and their Latinx culture by focusing on the history, culture and traditions of Latinx people and how they relate to the diaspora community in the United States.

Each Nexus Latinx'er will:

  • Gain an understanding of Latinx cultural competency,
  • Engage in the local (Spanish) language
  • Reflect on their diaspora communities
  • Reflect on the overall Nexus Latinx experience to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural differences and similarities between the two communities.
  • Take part in reflective wind down community discussions
  • Capacity build in the host countries
  • Civic engagement i.e. election process in Puerto Rico and impact on diaspora
  • Community service events


The goal is to combat community deterioration and cultivate community development in the Caribbean and Latin America through hands-on service projects with a fresh set of eyes. Gathering our diaspora cohorts to exchange new ideas with their counterparts in the Caribbean and Latin America that can be activated for sustainable solutions.

A Day in the Cultural Immersion Experience.

Morning Study

Participants will learn about the social, historical, and cultural context on Latinx history relating to either Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic through short lectures and assignments.

Afternoon Activity

Full cultural immersion experiences through community based organizations in Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic. These activities might include Spanish language classes, meeting with community leaders, environmental workshops, business and non profit incubators, and days of service.

Evening Wind Down

Group leaders will initiate discussions on what students have learned while being surrounded by great food, music and new friends.


Opportunities to discover more of Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic. Cultural site visits throughout the island to museums, music workshops, beautiful landscapes, coffee plantations and famous beaches.