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Our Mission


Cultivate leaders for Latinx communities in the United States through leadership training workshops focused on developing teamwork skills, character building, empowerment and public speaking. We highlight the geographical, economic, and social obstacles facing Latinx communities and how these issues and obstacles relate to the host country.

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What we Do


Peer-group cultural immersion trips, leadership training, civic engagement and educational experiences in the Caribbean and Latin America for young adults. These trips will help to enrich and preserve the history, traditions, and culture of Latinx people for the benefit of present and future generations through educational activities.

How We Do It

Mentorship, Support, Programs

Advance education on the history, culture and current issues facing the Latinx people through live seminars, forums, discussion groups, media interviews, lectures, literature, slideshows and historical and cultural site visits at the host countries and in the Latinx communities.

Why We Do IT

Future Leaders

As these future leaders proceed through the Nexus Latinx program and connect to their cultural heritage, they become better stewards to ensure that Latinx culture and its people are protected for many generations to come and they become better empowered, better informed and better prepared to lead Latinx communities in the United States in addressing the inequities that contribute to poverty.

Friends hanging out
How you can Help


Nexus Latinx also engages in the promotion of social welfare by combating community deterioration and cultivating community development in the Caribbean and Latin America through hands-on service projects with grassroots organizations.

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