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Your corporate partnership with Nexus Latinx will support various programs that can leave a tremendous impact on diaspora youth. In appreciation, Nexus Latinx can highlight your company in various ways including through social media, annual impact reports, at our various events, and customizable packages. Below are various ways we can collaborate.

Sponsoring Inaugural 2022 cultural Immersion Experience
Nexus Latinx will provide Latinx youth with peer-group cultural immersion trips, leadership development, civic engagement and educational experiences in the Caribbean and Latin America for young adults.

We will curate the Inaugural 2022 Cultural Immersion Experience for Latinx college students to Puerto Rico.

  • We enrich and preserve the history, traditions, and culture of the Latinx people for the benefit of the present and future generations through educational activities based on a Caribbean and Latin American curriculum.
  • We cultivate leaders for Latinx communities in the United States through leadership training workshops focused on gaining team and character building skills, empowerment and public speaking.
  • We engage in the promotion of social welfare through combating community deterioration and cultivating community development in the Caribbean and Latin America through hands on service projects with grassroots organizations.
  • Participants will focus on finding sustainable innovative solutions problems facing the Caribbean.

Sponsor Fellowship Study
Help us create travel fellowships for Nexus Latinx participants. After completing one cycle of the Nexus Latinx program, postgraduate participants could be offered the opportunity for a paid fellowship in the Caribbean. These fellowships for graduate students will be focused on sustainable innovation by collaborating with various institutions to find novel solutions to problems affecting Latin America and the Caribbean.

Matching Gifts Programs
Consider partnering with Nexus Latinx if you have an employee giving program.

Be a Mentor

Program Overview & Requirements

  • The mentoring program will launch in early 2022
  • Workshops focusing on Culture, History and Leadership
  • Teamwork skills
  • Character Building
  • Innovation
  • Geographical Economic and Social Issues impacting Latinx community
  • Help students prepare for the Cultural Immersion Trip in Puerto Rico mid 2022
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