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The goal of Nexus Latinx is to create a network of interconnected Latinx leaders.

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The goal of Nexus Latinx is to create a network of interconnected Latinx leaders. Our first initiative will take place in Puerto Rico. The Nexus Latinx blueprint will be the guide to achieve our goals.

Students will start learning about their Latinx history before they make the journey. Learning Puerto Rican/Latinx history, culture, and traditions, with a focus on the migration experience of the stateside diaspora. Students will then learn through a “boots on the ground” experience. Each day as we travel the island there will be lessons to learn from each organization and experience.

Students will immerse into the Puerto Rican culture through a 5 sensory experience. See the beautiful landscape and historical locations that are important to the Puerto Rican people. Taste and smell the rich and exquisite cuisine of the beautiful island. Hear the adored coqui sing to you and the palms trees sway in the Caribbean winds. Touch the sand as it moves between your feet while learning the Puerto Rican cultural dance called Bomba. We focus on the local experience and integrate the students into the community. They will interact with local people, and seek to understand the way others live in that community by being there and engaging in daily life activities.

Ensure the continued sustainable growth of Latinx communities. Sustainable innovation will be a common theme that connects each participant. Activities will be viewed through a problem solving lens. Participants will be challenged on how to effectively solve problems facing Latin America and the Caribbean community. Examples such as workshops, meeting with local community leaders, community building and finding novel solutions.

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