our Story

We believe each young person has the right to self discovery so they can conquer adversity and thrive as community leaders.

The Latinx population is one of the youngest, fastest growing, and most diverse in the world. In the United States, the Latinx diaspora has nearly tripled over the past 30 years.

But as the Latinx population surges, so does the disconnect between the diaspora and their culture. This disconnect often creates a cultural gap that hinders mutual understandings and relations. The experiences of a Latinx child raised in Texas or New York is very different than one raised in Dominican Republic or Mexico. 

The Bridge

Self-discovery helps a person to identify, leverage, and develop their abilities. Strengthening identity through self discovery can help to bridge cultural gaps for all Latinx youth.

Nexus Latinx was created to foster mutual understandings and relations amongst all Latinx youth through self-discovery experiences to learn, immerse, and innovate as a community. All Latinx youth should experience a cultural self discovery trip.

How do we bridge the cultural gaps of the Latinx diaspora?

We identify, recruit and train Latinx diaspora with exceptional leadership potential. Our cohorts receive mentorship, fellowship opportunities and cultural immersion experiences to Latin America and the Caribbean.

If we invest in the identity of our youth now then we can improve the landscape of all communities in the future.

Nexus Latinx will set out to fulfill this vision and become the focal point of the Latinx community. We are Nexus Latinx.

Pablo Segarra, Esq.
Co-founder & Executive Director